Life Saving Story of CPR!

This was sent to us by one of our HDPA CPR attendees!

I just had to send this to you to say Thank You for your training.  I have attended your CPR courses via Halton Peel Dental Association.  Your videos coupled with your stories and instruction really send home the message about how to recognize people who need help.  Here is my story.  I was having dinner with my daughter, her fiancé and my granddaughter on Sunday night.  My daughter cut off a piece of meat, then my granddaughter needed attention so my daughter shoved the meat into her mouth and helped my granddaughter.  All of a sudden my daughter started choking, able to cough a little  then nothing – could not cough, could not breathe and the look of panic on her face was terrifying!  I ran behind her, wrapped my arms around her and started abdominal thrusts.  She really started to fight me, she was pulling at my arms but after 3 very violent thrusts she spit out the meat!!  Oh my gosh!!  I am so thankful for your instruction.  I think the videos that you use really hit home how to assess someone in need.  My poor daughter’s ribs are still sore but she is alive to be able to tell me about it.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Without your help, I may have lost a daughter.

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